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Crunchy Apple Sticks

Crunchy Apple Sticks

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Introducing our All-Natural Crunchy Apple Sticks, the perfect wholesome treat for your furry friend. Crafted with care and sourced from the finest orchards, these sticks are a delectable way to treat your canine companion to a taste of nature's goodness.

Key Features:

  1. Pure, Unadulterated Goodness: Our apple sticks are made from 100% natural, premium-grade apples, free from artificial additives, preservatives, or fillers. Your dog deserves the best, and we deliver it straight from the orchard to their paws.

  2. Promotes Dental Health: Gnawing on these sticks naturally helps to clean your dog's teeth, reducing plaque and tartar buildup. The crunchy texture provides a satisfying chew that supports healthy gums and teeth.

  3. Rich in Vitamins and Fiber: Apples are a powerhouse of essential nutrients. These sticks are packed with vitamins, including vitamin C, as well as dietary fiber, which aids in digestion and supports overall well-being.

  4. Low in Calories: Our apple sticks are a guilt-free snack option for dogs of all sizes and breeds. With minimal calories, they're perfect for maintaining a balanced diet and keeping weight in check.

  5. Great for Training and Enrichment: These sticks can be easily broken into smaller pieces, making them an ideal training treat. Use them as a reward during obedience sessions or as a mental stimulation tool for interactive play.

  6. Irresistible Aroma and Flavour: The natural apple scent is sure to entice even the pickiest of eaters. Your dog will savour every bite, and you'll love the sweet, fruity aroma.

  7. Suitable for Dogs of All Ages: From energetic puppies to wise seniors, our apple sticks cater to dogs across all life stages. They provide a satisfying chew that engages their instincts and keeps them mentally stimulated.

How to Use:

Offer our All-Natural Apple Sticks as a treat or reward during training sessions, or simply as a delightful snack to show your pup some love. Always ensure fresh water is available.


100% Natural Pureed Apples, M-fiber (Miscanthus giganteus).


Elevate your dog's snacking experience with our All-Natural Apple Sticks. With every bite, they'll taste the love and care we put into crafting these delightful treats. Order yours now and let your furry friend indulge in the wholesome goodness they deserve!

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