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AHHHHHHH the good ol’ French Bulldog or “FRENCHIE”. Now, I call Frenchies “different” based on the reactions of my other two dogs, Frankie and Buster the beagles!!! My beagles do love their Frenchie sister Sky, but it wasn’t always the fact. They honestly would stare, sniff and even run away from Sky as if she was from another planet. The barks or growls that came out of my beagles was astonishing. I’ve never seen them behave in such a way. They are very socialized pups, very spoiled and extremely loved. But when it came to that Frenchie, they were not taking part in any of her endeavours.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

  1. FRENCHIES ARE NOT FROM FRANCE, they have roots in England. Most sources trace their roots to English Bulldogs. Lace makers in England seemed to enjoy the company of the small version of the dog. These workers would bring their small, lap sized English bulldogs to work and have they sit on their laps as they worked. Once the Lace industry moved to France, the English Bulldogs may have mated with Terriers to create bouledogues français, or French Bulldogs.


  2. FRENCHIES CAN’T SWIM! That’s right folks!! Due to their big bulbous head and squat frame, French Bulldogs can’t swim. So please, all you owners with pools and Frenchies, BE CAREFUL when your pup is out and about doing their thing in the backyard.


  3. BEWARE OF FLYING WITH A FRENCHIE! Okay, Frenchies are a brachycephalic breed which means they’re snouts are shorter and more squished than other breeds. (don’t worry, I just learned this word today LOL!) Now, on a plane, the pressure rises and if you have sinus/breathing problems then you know the pain it could be to fly! Imagine a poor little sweet Frenchie, who’s pushed in face can create breathing problems, this coupled with the stress of flying and possibility of warmer temperatures can cause problems, even fatal situations for pups with small, pushed in snouts.


  4. FRENCHIES WERE BRED TO BE YOUR COMPANION! Frenchies are sweet-natured, affectionate, “only want to please you” type of breed. They were literally bred for companionship! And that my friends is was sold me on getting a Frenchie. Now, all dogs are sweet and compassionate but I’m telling you, there is something different about a French Bulldog. They get along great with other dogs and are not huge barkers. Who wouldn’t want a smooshie, mooshie faced sweetheart cuddling beside you all the time!!


  5. FRENCHIES ARE INDEED A SENSITIVE BREED! They will cower if you scold. Heck, my sisters Frenchie will literally drop to the ground and surrender if someone raises their voice, (It is kind of funny to see considering how adorable she is). But, all honesty, French Bulldogs are sensitive, meaning they don’t take criticism very well. They will get depressed and mope around the house. The best way to deal with this is through positive reinforcement and lots of love and encouragement.


  6. FRENCHIES ARE CONCEIVED THROUGH ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION! Yes, you read that right! And let me tell you, I’ve witnessed this before and it is not something you’d ever expect to witness in your life!! Since French Bulldogs have an unusual body shape, it makes it difficult for the males to, you know, reach the female. The males often get overheated and exhausted trying to catch the female. As a result, the majority of Frenchies are conceived artificially! a large majority of French bulldogs are created through artificial insemination. 

    Not only do the males struggle during copulation, the female often has problems giving birth vaginally. Therefore, so many Frenchies must undergo a C-section. The operation ensures a safe delivery for the mom and pups, minimizes stress and prevents future health complications.


  7. FRENCHIES ARE INCREDIBLY GASY! Nothing like the putrid stench of a Frenchie fart! If you have a French Bulldog then you know exactly what I’m talking about! It’s is quite comical to hear but look out, you’ll need a gas mask. The French Bulldog does have a distinctive stench, it’s a Frenchie thing but they’re not the only breeds that enjoy sharing their horrible smells.

    So what makes a French bulldogs farts so deadly you ask?

    Once again, their structure and anatomy explains it all! Frenchies has a very sensitive digestive tract and they have trouble digesting their food properly. Also, their smooshie, flat face makes it challenging to eat their food properly and at the right pace. They inhale a lot of air while they eat resulting in too much air in their intestines. Be careful with what you feed you Frenchie! Chicken is one of the worst ingredients keep them away from chicken. The best thing to give your pup to help with the digestive issues is Mia’s Paws Daily Probiotic Blend (Salmon Flavour) and top quality dog food, preferably with salmon or fish ingredients.


  8. FRENCHIES CAN BE QUITE MOUTHY! Now, Frenchies are a rather quiet breed, they don’t bark very often but they do like to talk! OMG, I just love the sounds they make, an old friend of mine has a Frenchies that sounds like a dinosaur when she yawns, it’s hilarious. French bulldogs make a series of odd sounds while yawning, yips, and gargles. It’s sort of their very own Frenchie language! They also make great singers, check out You Tube, there’s tons of singing Frenchie videos.


  9. FRENCHIES CAN BE STUBBORN! Although their insane cuteness and quirkiness is incredible, French Bulldogs are a stubborn breed. They are slow to house train but with constant, positive training, they will eventually learn and will be the greatest, most well behaved companion ever!


  10. FRENCHIES, A.K.A. FROG DOGS! These funny, quirky pups are also known as “Frog Dogs” based on how they lay down! Frenchies tend to lay on their stomachs and stick their legs out behind them just like a frog would. Let me tell you, it is such an adorable sight!

    The adorable French weirdos are also known as ‘’Frog Dogs’’ based on how strangely they lay on their stomachs and splay their legs comfortably behind them just like a frog.

    Okay, I’ll give you one more fun fact about these little walking footballs,

  11. A FRENCHIE WAS ONBOARD THE TITANIC! That’s right, this man, Robert W. Daniel, boarded the cruise ship with his Frenchie pup. He didn’t carry just any dog to the ill-fated cruise, but a 2-year-old dog that was a champion show pup. At the time, the dog had cost Daniel an equivalent of $20,000 today. While Daniel survived the fatal disaster and even lived until 1940, his little buddy wasn’t as fortunate. The poor little dog was last seen swimming futilely for his life in the ice-cold water.

So, now that you know a bit more about Frenchies, don’t you want one?? LOL, They’re loyal, happy, affectionate, cuddly, cute and protective. Calmness and patience are their virtue! They hardly need exercise and all they want is to love you and be by your side. These small but sturdy pups with big, dreamy eyes are definitely different but thats what makes the so unique!

It’s a Frenchie thing!

Savy D.

“The best therapist has fur and four legs.”

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